Thursday, March 24, 2011

March 23rd Appointment

I had my Live Blood Cell Analysis yesterday.

The blood work was good.
The cells are formed well and the clumping is still there but a lot less. This clumping is as a result of not digesting proteins well.
The blood work also showed that the white cells were strong and healthy and also that the organs were doing well.

However, the tingling in my feet has increased over the past three weeks and something has caused it to worsen. We could not pin point what has changed. I thought it was because of my exercise. I have a strict exercise and weight training routine for every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. I thought that the exercises, however vital, were too much and causing my tingling to return. Dr. Chang did not think so and she said to continue with the exercise as it was very important to build muscle mass, especially with the MS.

I have been off all my supplements for over three months since I started the alkaline water and my mineral count showed as low. This is probably to do with the digestion of protein and am taking a supplement - Wobenzyme, to help digest the protein and break it down. I have just started this today.

Overall it was a good report. Keep doing what I am doing with extra care to eat more proteins, more legumes, organic vegetables and less carbohydrates.

I was quite pleased.

Things are not looking up but, they are not looking down either and the 'no change' is better than 'worse'.

The good thing about my treatments is that when a symptom comes back, instead of prescribing a pill to camouflage the symptom, my doctor asks, "Why is it here?" and "What is causing it to re-appear?".
Since I already know how there is a cause and effect to everything in my life, the effect is my tingling and all I have to do is find the cause.

This way, my treatment progresses with exact answers to why, what and when. It is not left to the imagination or explained as the natural progress of the illness. It needs an answer and we will not stop till we get it.

We are also entertaining a new idea - Hydrogen Peroxide treatment. There are nothing but good things about Hydrogen Peroxide treatments and Dr Chang said it would be worth a try. There are some negative effects - hyper oxygenation but I do not know enough to write about it yet.

Right now, I am content with the progress.

In the mean time, I still continue to teach Adult Literacy classes every Monday, Tuesday and Thursday, story telling for kids on Fridays and a religious class on Saturdays.
This is what keeps me occupied and fulfilled.

It is all very rewarding, especially when I see a light bulb go on in my students' heads.

Whenever one sun sets, another rises................................... somwhere.

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