Thursday, February 24, 2011

I Have Good News and Bad News is a part of my life...............

I have just returned from a follow up appointment with my Naturopath.

I had another blood test and there was a drastic improvement as compared to the previous one. The blood cells were not clumped like the last time. The blood showed a marked improvement. I am still off all the pills and despite that, there is a drastic improvement.

This is good news.

Yay to the Magnesium Citramate and the Alkaline water.

Now I have to maintain this. My blood has not been this good since November of 2009. It took over a year to get it to where it was because of toxicity, my trip to the West Coast, overdoing it emotionally, mentally and physically.

Back to the great care, recognizing limits and thanks to the alkaline water, things are back to where they were.
It has been a long journey but well worth it.

The bad news is that I cannot travel in the near future because it will only set back the progress made so far and I was so hoping to go to Kenya to visit my family.

Life continues as must I. The striving toward better health despite my Multiple Sclerosis is a journey, not a destination and the journey is ongoing.

I can speak to my family on Skype instead. I know they understand.

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