Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Health is a journey, not a destination.....................

CBC showed an interview about the toxicity in the cosmetics we use.

This is my point exactly. the skin (which is the largest organ of the body) absorbs everything we put on it. The cosmetics and fragrances all contain harmful chemicals. We apply these to our skin and the skin absorbs them.

Is it a wonder why we are the sickest population in the history of the world?

What has all the progress in medical science done to us?
Make us more dependent on drugs (more chemicals) so we can suppress symptoms while we continue to poison our bodies?

How can our governments even allow these products to be sold? Do they really care?

We have to be so careful with everything - the food we eat, the air we breath, the water we drink, the clothes we wear and now the cosmetics we wear. This list only mentions what we know contains toxins in our lives.
What else is there?
Why haven't there been more reports on this?
Why is there no on going investigation to protect the population?

Yesterday, on my way to my second doctor, I saw something in a window that caught me eye. i wrote it down straight away.

"Health is a journey, not a destination."

This really rang true for me and I had goosebumps. This is true not just for me, but for all of us. Good health is a journey that we are on for life. Our eating habits, our drinking habits, our social habits, our minds and spirit, the way we treat others, all combine to push us on the journey toward good or bad heallth.

I have considered Stem Cell Therapy and the new "Liberation' treatment. What most people forget is that getting these treatments is not the end of the disease. We still have to fight against the ongoing toxicity of our environment and find out why the ailment arose in the first place. There is a good change of it recurring.
We can add new stem cells to a contaminated cell family but sooner or later, the new cells also get contaminated. We can get the jugular veins widened to ensure that the iron is flowing out of the brain and then we forget to eat right, live right and be right. I know of people who may have done well after these procedures but are now suffering in one way or another. These procedures are not a green light to continue life without considering the effects of the toxicity of our world. Even the so called 'healthy people' have to be worried about this.

It's not that my suffering has ended.I suffer everyday -with my walking, with my fatigue, with my balance, with my emotions , with my fights with God or whatever superpower; the suffering still continues in one way or another.
The whole point is that I am able to do for more that I used to when I was first diagnosed. This is progress. I am not expecting all my symptoms to end after all, Health is a journey, not a destination and this journey shows me how to be good to my body by eating right, wearing right, breathing right, drinking right and also how to be accepting and content and most of all to treat others with the love, respect and patience that I expect.

Welcome to the journey of good health. Fasten you seat belts and please pull your seats to the upright position. I am now on my journey.

Where are you on yours? Is your water clean? Is your air clean? Do you know what is in your food? Do your clothes contain man-made fibres? What cosmetics are you wearing? What do you apply on your body?

So many unaswered questions............................

Friday, October 8, 2010

What? A connection between pollution and breast cancer????

Is it not quite amazing that the so called 'experts' have suddenly realized the connection between disease and toxicity???

What truly astonishes me is how the medical field will not acknowledge the fact that the toxicity of our environment has a lot to do with the increase in illness in man.

Here we are in 2010, so concerned about the environment, knowing the havoc we have caused, and making great attempts to make our homes, our cities and our lives greener; but there is complete ignorance of how the toxicity of environment and the toxicity of additives like high fructose corn syrup, preservatives and pesticides in our foods, cause havoc in our bodies.

Aren't our priorities slightly misplaced?

Yesterday, in my doctor's office I read something that struck a chord.
One of the Laws of the 'Direction of Cure' states that healing occurs from within outwards. If that is the case, then what are we doing taking tons of medication to suppress symptoms when we can try and find reasons for an ailment and treat it? What are we doing poisoning our bodies with toxins, whether environmental or man- made?

Why are are we so focused on just 'superficial healing'?

One of the things my doctor does is regular testing to check my blood, my digestion, my liver and internal organs. The healing begins when the troubled areas are targeted and the problem(s) will then, either be reduced or solved. My diet changes, my treatments change and what needs fixing gets fixed.
This, along with heavy detox and constantly monitoring to ensure that no toxins of any form are part of my diet or life, has helped to prevent all the other issues that make my MS worse and/or progress.

Is it a wonder why I have not had any relapses or attacks for the past three years? Is it a wonder why I have had no new lesions since my first MRI in 2006?

The medical profession and the governments need to realize this rather then spending trillions of dollars on symptomatic cures and raising funds looking for cures while the treatment approaches that actually work and help patients, stare us in the face.

I have good news and bad news. Now that they have acknowledged, in one way or another, that toxicity(whether pollution or any other form), 'may' cause illness, what are they doing about it?
What is the medical profession going to do about it?
What is the government going to do about it?

So many unanswered questions.................................