Tuesday, July 19, 2011

It is all in the breathing...............................

A follow up appointment showed a great improvement in the rate of breathing and the ability to bring down the heart rate.

She taught me a technique to help me breathe more smoothly (for lack of a better term).
Think of a person, in a combat zone. High adrenalin, heart pumping, always on attention, cannot drop his guard. Take this person and put them in an exact opposite environment of calm, peaceful serenity and this drastic change may not bring about a change in responses.

It is important to take a few moments during the day to calm the breathing which in turn, enables the body to come out of panic mode.

Breath in , 2, 3, 4, 5, breath out 2,3,4,5. and think of yourself in a zero gravity environment. As you breathe in, feel yourself rise and as you breath out, feel yourself come down gently.

Keep the breathing smooth and flowing like a butterfily in slow motion.

I do this, everytime I take a break, when I sit to watch TV and whenever I take a moment, I remind myself to breathe in a smooth flow rather than sudden errativ ins and outs and finally, when I am in bed trying to fall asleep.

The results in just one week , no in 5 days, were remarkable.

All my MS symptoms that had re-emerged, have since subsided and are now either gone or reduced. Eat your hearts out Neurologists!

Try it!