Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Is Cancer Man-made?

A recent study by University of Manchester scientists has strongly suggested that ... cancer is a modern, man-made disease caused by environmental factors such as pollution and diet.
Egyptian Mummies In the extensive study conducted at the University's KNH Centre for Biomedical Egyptology, scientists examined hundreds of mummies and found ... no signs of cancer—except for one isolated case.

Professor Michael Zimmerman said: "In an ancient society lacking surgical intervention, evidence of cancer should remain in all cases." Therefore, the virtual absence of tumors and malignancies in mummies must necessarily be interpreted as evidence that cancer was indeed rare in ancient times.     
 The 17th Century Ushers Cancer In
It wasn't until the 17th century that the first reports of cancer appeared in scientific literature—such as cancer of the scrotum (found in chimney sweeps in 1775, caused by soot particles); and nasal cancer found in users of snuff (finely ground tobacco) in 1761.

The University of Manchester study indicates that cancer-causing factors exist only in modern, industrialized societies—and cancer is fueled by the excesses of modern life.

The food you eat ... the air you breathe ... the clothes you wear ... the water you drink ... the personal care products you use ... the medications you take ... the water you bathe in ... virtually everything you consume, and everything you do—or are exposed to nowadays,—causes cancer.
  Here are just a few examples of the cancer causing contaminants:
  •  Tobacco (including second-hand and third-hand smoke)
  • Genetically modified food
  • Most laundry detergents
  • Commercial hair dyes
  • Air pollution (including carbon monoxide, methylene
    chloride, and acrolein)
  • Granite countertops (which emit radon)
  • Rancid peanuts and seeds
  • Canola oil
  • Canned tomatoes
  • Food laced with pesticides
  • Chemicals from aerosol cans
  • Mammograms
  • X-Rays
  • Food microwaved in plastic containers (including
    plastic wrap, the plastic trays that come with frozen
    TV dinners, and even plastic baby bottles)
  • Environmental pollutants (such as asbestos, benzene, and
Professor Rosalie David, at the Faculty of Life Sciences, said:
There is Nothing in the Natural Environment That Can Cause Cancer ... So It Has to Be a Man-Made Disease

There is an abundance of cancer-causing (not just cancer, but, disease-causing) factors in the modern world.

My personal take on this:

I am a nobody when it comes to making scientific claims. However, I can make personal claims:
Ever since I was dagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, I changed my lifestyle and it certainly changed my life.
Despite having Progressive MS, I am relapse and attack free and I am able to do much more than I did when I was first diagnosed, and live a very fulfilling and active life.
I stopped gluten, dairy and sugar, I take a food allergy (sensitivity test) every two years, changed my clothing and have nothing artificial and with chemicals in my life.
I have three air filters in my space, a shower water purifier and an alkaline water system for my consumption.
I will never tire of saying that in our bid to grow produce that is pest free, and analkaline waterd that which will grow, faster and bigger, we have sacrificed human life.
The introduction of food additives and `taste enhancers` have made us fatter and sicker.
Well done to the governments for allowing the food industry to do this!
Well done to the medical profession for not seeing the progression of disease and finding the true links between toxicity and illness! Well done again for continuously prescribing drugs and for giving everybody a `one size fits all` treatment
And the biggest WELL DONE TO THE PHARMACEUTICAL INDUSTRY for making drugs that give us side effects - more illnesses that now have to be poisoned by the very poisons you make!
How very very convenient!
Wake up people. Wake up and see the real picture.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

My Stupidity Gene

I have always practiced mindful living towards my good health despite my multiple sclerosis and preach that this is and should always be an ongoing process.

Well, I momentarily stopped practicing what I have always preached.

My move to Nova Scotia has had its challenges and almost two months later, I still do not have the order and organization I desire. This disorder has taken its toll on my eating and drinking habits and I am now paying the price. My consumption of water was reduced drastically just because I was careless and did not remember to drink it regularly. My consumption of potato chips and processed carbohydrates increased, while my intake of protein and vegetables decreased. My stress levels increased, breathing exercises, yoga, meditation and regular physical workouts were all considerably decreased and even almost non-existent.

Last week I noticed a significant decline in my overall well being. My tingling was back and worse than it has ever been, the tightness in my calves and feet was back and worse than it has ever been, my balance was as bad as it was six years ago and I found myself walking into walls and constantly holding on for support, My mental state was and still is........how can I put it...............down in the abyss of the dumps.

Could it have just been a coincidence that my carelessness in eating and drinking and ignoring my mental state, and my poor physical condition were not connected in any way? Definitely not! They were and are completely connected. It is a cause and effect. Action is equal to reaction

I found a lab that conducts the live blood cell analysis and just had a test on Friday. Did I expect a good result? Should it have been a good result after all my carelessness and mindful ignorance? Whom am I kidding? I got exactly what I deserved. The blood showed that the red cells had excessive clumping leading to poor circulation (thus my tingling and pain), the drastic increase in existence of bacteria increasing my craving for snacks and foods that were bad for me, and I paid the price for my ignoring my health by getting and feeling worse.

There are no reasons only bad excuses.
Do we ever learn from our mistakes? Human beings have a ‘stupidity’ gene and mine just became dominant.

Now begins the arduous task of fixing the wrongs. It is not easy because bad habits are easy to form while changing these into good habits takes time and conscious effort. Righting the wrongs is not an impossible task but an unnecessary exercise which could have been easily avoided with a little more care.

24 hours after trying to make things better by increasing my water, eliminating all carbs, increasing my meditation and exercise, I already felt better. One guess as to what I did next? Eat corn chips (!&%!&%!&%) and today all my pain has returned.

This stupidity gene has to be crushed! This is a hard lesson and I wonder if I or anyone else, will ever learn from these mistakes!

Monday, January 23, 2012

Politics and Toxicity

The other night I was listening to Talk 1010 radio as I was preparing to go to sleep.

The host was talking about women in politics and I could not have been listening intently as I did not quite get what he was saying. I think he was talking abut the role women play in politics and shy they were more men than women in politics.

What got my attention is his use of the work "toxic" several times in his monologue. Mind you, I only heard this for about ten minutes but in that ten minutes he used the word "toxic" several times to describe the political environment.

I wish these same radio announcers would acknowledge that the whole world has become toxic. Not as a metaphor when talking about politics but in the true sense of the word. I guess more importance is placed in using the term 'toxic' so that the listener could understand what he was referring to.

What about the toxicity of our world and the illness it causes?
What about the toxicity of our values and the effects on the youth who are going to be the leaders of the future?
What about the toxicity of the environment?

These are questions neither the media nor the politicians will ever tackle. If they do, they give a long term plan (by2050). By then, most of us will already be dead, becoming victims of toxic environment we live in.

Never say Never

As I disembarked the Norwegian Gem in Sydney Nova Scotia, in the Fall of 2011, I was filled with a meditative sense of peace and calm and instantly knew in my heart, that Nova Scotia would, someday be my home. I recalled feeling like this way once before. It was when I first landed in Canada in 1989. I knew then like I knew now, that I was home.

When would this happen?  That was just another one of a billion unanswered questions, in my life.
I was on a New England cruise with my parents and my caregiver. It was a surprise from my parents. We had travelled from Toronto, by Greyhound coach to New York and taken the cruise to New England, Maine, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia. What was funny was that the trip to and from New York and the cruise, cost less than flying directly from Toronto to Nova Scotia. The airline companies seem to have gone a little mad with their prices! Not to mention we also received accommodation and food!

On returning to Toronto, I could not stop thinking about moving to Nova Scotia.  My research took me from looking for homes, exploring the various climatic conditions, the availability of medical practitioner and naturopaths and of course some proximity to an Ismaili Muslim mosque and community center.
I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 2006 and have been treating the illness without any prescription drugs but with natural therapies, diet, nutrition and the whole mind, body and spirit approach. My illness was not the focus in my life but even then, it seemed that everything else in my life revolved around my illness. I had to plan my days and my activities around my energy level and the ability to cope with the mental and physical strain of each task. A big part of my life was the community center where I was a story teller, a religious teacher and a teacher of English to immigrants. My doctor was only a thirty minute drive from home. The pharmacy was another forty five minutes away. These conveniences had become a big part of my life and any change would disrupt my otherwise well planned perfect routines.

The day I set foot on Nova Scotia soil, I was fully prepared to give up these conveniences. I was in love with the openness of the land, with the kindness and warmth of the people, and with the peace and tranquility of the life there. The difference was like night and day. I was to break free from being at the mercy of neon signs invading my sight, forcing my gaze to the ugly advertising and the billboards. I was never again to be a victim nor give in to road rage, I could drive the speed limit and would not be chastised or insulted and the best part of it all was that I would not have to put up with people who were in a constant hurry, who were in competition with the world around them as well as with themselves. Just this stress in Ontario was enough to give me an MS attack!
In the Winter of 2011, I drove to Nova Scotia with my caregiver and my mother, from Ontario, a mere 21 hour journey, to search for a home. Today, four months after I first set foot in Nova Scotia, I have put my house up for sale and have purchased a home that closes in a couple of months.

 The Annapolis Valley is to be my new home. Green pastures, fertile lands, the north and south mountains, the snaking Annapolis River, and clean air offer the right scenic and climatic and environmental condition (not to mention tranquility) suited for healthy, stress-free living, especially for me, living with multiple sclerosis. It offers the best climatic condition for living with MS Its peaceful setting made it an ideal environment for starting a new life in a new province I am soon to call home.
Now begins the arduous task of packing.. I was sure my previous home was to be my last home. Here I am once again, preparing to move to yet another home, in another province.

I guess, the idiom “Never say never’ really is true!