Monday, January 23, 2012

Politics and Toxicity

The other night I was listening to Talk 1010 radio as I was preparing to go to sleep.

The host was talking about women in politics and I could not have been listening intently as I did not quite get what he was saying. I think he was talking abut the role women play in politics and shy they were more men than women in politics.

What got my attention is his use of the work "toxic" several times in his monologue. Mind you, I only heard this for about ten minutes but in that ten minutes he used the word "toxic" several times to describe the political environment.

I wish these same radio announcers would acknowledge that the whole world has become toxic. Not as a metaphor when talking about politics but in the true sense of the word. I guess more importance is placed in using the term 'toxic' so that the listener could understand what he was referring to.

What about the toxicity of our world and the illness it causes?
What about the toxicity of our values and the effects on the youth who are going to be the leaders of the future?
What about the toxicity of the environment?

These are questions neither the media nor the politicians will ever tackle. If they do, they give a long term plan (by2050). By then, most of us will already be dead, becoming victims of toxic environment we live in.

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