Wednesday, May 11, 2011

A new attempt at healing my body...........

I have started a new treatment – Colloidal Silver (Ionic Silver)

It is made by taking 2 silver electrodes and placing them in 100 % pure water (distilled water) and passing a current through the water. Microscopic particles of silver go into the water and as long as it’s pure, they stay in that tiny particle size.

Silver has the property of not combining with organs or tissues of the body. It just passes through it. While passing through it, the ionic silver will kill any single celled organisms it comes in contact with.
The ions of silver are positively charged and they only adversely affect single celled organisms, like viruses, bacteria and fungi. When the silver ions come into contact with these organisms, it discharges their negative property, therefore killing them.

In order to ensure that the good bacteria in the intestines are maintained, I take pro-biotics twice a day. This is not the pro-biotics in the ‘belly dancing causing’ yogurt that takes two weeks to work, but actual pills that are strong enough to work almost instantaneously.

The intention is to kill any and all one celled things in my body. This will then enable my body to start healing itself. There is a theory that viruses or bacteria are responsible for MS as well as many other ‘incurable illnesses”.
Once the organisms in my body are dead, I will then begin a regimen of intravenous hydrogen peroxide in small doses, (administered by a knowledgeable Doctor) so as not to harm the body by over-dose. This will provide extra oxygen to my body so that my cells and organs can get stronger, and then repair whatever damage has occurred in my body due to illnesses and toxins ingested over the years.

Hydrogen Peroxide is water with an extra molecule of oxygen. When delivered intravenously, the hydrogen peroxide breaks down to water and oxygen. This enables the cells to be oxygenated and promote better healing.

I have started with 2 glasses of colloidal silver water each day. This is in addition to the alkaline water I take regularly.

Before the intravenous hydrogen peroxide treatment starts, I will be adding drops of hydrogen peroxide to my colloidal silver to help break down the particles of silver even more. This will enable the silver to reach more areas of the body.

In this way, I try new treatments that make sense to me to keep me on this road to better health and improved life with MS.

Do I know if this will work? No but I keep my fingers and everything else crossed.

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