Friday, July 5, 2013

Multi Tasking Begins With the Self

I have been away and when I returned, I got busy with organizing the garden for the planting season.

A lot has happened:

Firstly, I noticed  a lot of things going wrong: my gait is a little worse, I tire more easily,my right leg is weaker, and my tingling has increased considerably.

I think I am detoxifying more as I have increased the detoxing supplements and the more I detoxify, the sicker I get. But this just seemed like something else was wrong. So I decided that it was time to make some changes. In the last month, I have made the following changes:

  1. I started exercising everyday. I used to exercise everyday and decided to exercise every alternate day instead. Now I have gone back to exercising everyday - stretch cords weight training, leg exercises, counter push ups, sit ups and strength exercises. I even bought an exercise bike to help strengthen the legs and feet (the right leg is noticeably weaker).
  2. I started a new foot exercise - I sit on a straight chair, raise one leg at time so it is parallel to the floor and write the alphabet in the air. I went a step further and started two letter words, then three. One of the symptoms of MS is loss of muscle mass and control and I need to re train my weak leg to become strong again.
  3. I allocate a few hours a day to writing -either for my blogs, my books in progress or just writing exercises. I found several writing prompt websites and these help to get the creative juices flowing.
  4. I joined the local writing club and absolutely love it. I have been recommended to join another in the nearby town.
  5. I started volunteering. Now, I cannot do as much as I would like but I do what I can and it feels great.
  6. I work in the garden as much as I can, even if it means sitting and re potting plants, dividng the perennials or re-designing the garden. It helps to do some physical work.
  7. I have set goals - Education Goals, Personal Goals, Household Goals, Personal Growth Goals, Financial Goals, Professional Goals and Health and Wellness Goals. These keep me from wavering. Whether I achieve them or not is not the point. I work toward achieving them. They will often change, depending upon my circumstances but I have a game plan to guide me and that is what is most important.
The art of muti-tasking begins withthe Self and I find myself busier, now that I am retired and I like it!

These help me have a little more structure and focus. I think it is important to have focus so that I am more productive, always learning and upgrading my skills, and constantly improving my physical and mental well being.

I also re-established my routine:

  • Starting the day with 32 ounces of water and continuing to drink a minimum of 8 glasses of water throughout the day.
  • Exercising a little throughout the day. I will do 70.............. yes 70 counter push ups, three times a day. I drink so much water that I am constantly going to the bathroom. After I finish my business, I do 70 counter push ups.
  • Meditating at least once a day, sometimes more than once, depending on my stress level.
  • Having a protein breakfast and eating smaller, more frequent meals throughout the day.
  • A little physical work like cleaning, dusting, organizing and/or gardening, everyday.
  • Allocating  time to pray, calm the spirit and give thanks.
  • Reading more - My attention span seems to be affected by the MS and I want to be able to read a book a day. I will start with a book a week and take it from there.
  • Sleeping on time and getting a good minimum of eight hours of sleep every night. Doctor Chang has always said that the body heals when it sleeps and that, I need to sleep till I wake.
  • I had my Food Sensitivity Test but I was not very pleased with it. It only covered 160 foods and I need it to be more comprehensive. I am going to get another test done. This last one showed strong sensitivities to: beef, wheat/gluten, almonds, papaya, eggs and red kidney beans.

Hopefully,these changes will bring a new sunrise in my journey towards better health!

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