Wednesday, April 17, 2013

OUR SO,,,,,, SO,,,,,,, TOXIC LIVES!

I have said this over and over again and I will say it yet one more time - We live in an increasingly toxic world and our bodies are under constant attack.

How many of these toxic 'cover-ups' infest your daily lives?

- Hormone-pumped meat from cows, pigs or chickens and antibiotic-laced dairy from commercial cattle
 - Conventionally grown and chemically sprayed fruits and vegetables
 - Package foods and desserts that are loaded with hidden sugars or artificial sweeteners and artificial ingredients
 - Whole grains that we are told are healthy but which are actually packed with allergenic ingredients like gluten, which as been linked to countless health problems including auto-immune disorders
 - Medicines like Advil, Aspirin,Tylenol or 'one-size-fits-all' prescription drugs
 - Plastic water bottles and food containers and Styrofoam
 - Cleaning and laundry supplies
-Make up and Personal Care products


These foods and household products are packed with chemicals and deadly toxins which cause a number of complications in our bodies.
Ask yourself:
Why do we feel more tired than we did years ago?
Why are we facing more medical issues today than we ever did?
It is because our lives are constantly subject to poisons that have been introduced to make produce and livestock bigger fatter, hardier,  to make our food last longer,  and even insects do not go near it. There are man-made products going into our bodies, we are ingesting chemicals and all these are in the form of:
  • Pesticides, herbicides and fungicides
  • Heavy metals like mercury, aluminium and lead
  • Genetically modified food which will alter your DNA
  • Hormone and antibiotic residues in our bodies
  • The toxicity of 'daily living'- our food,water and air
  • Man-made fibres and clothing
  • Toxic make up and the personal hygiene products
  • Cleaning agents in our home
Here is an excerpt of an article I recently read:
From the Desk of Yuri Elkaim, BPHE, CK, RHN
Did you know that millions of people are exposed to unsafe doses of pesticides in their foods every single day?
 A1998 study by the Environment Working Group looked at 13 organoposphates which are derivatives of nerve gases developed by Nazi Germany.
These pesticides have been widely used for 40 years against scores of agricultural pests.
The study investigated these pesticides across 82,000 samples of fruit and vegetables and cross-referenced them with children's eating patterns between 1991 and 1996.
Their findings were shocking..........showing an estimated 1.1 million children under the age of five were eating food that contains an unsafe does of one or more pesticides.
Of these, 106,000  exceeded the FDA's safe daily dosage level by 10 times or more!!!
Findings from a 2002 study in the journal Agriculture, Ecosystems and Environment, revealed that compared to drinking water and inhalation, processed food intake results in a 1000 to 100,000 fold higher to pesticides.
Children and adults alike are at a risk of being exposed to deadly amounts of toxins. When pregnant women are exposed to pesticides and other chemicals, their developing babies are exposed too!!!
Is it a wonder why there is a substantial increase in babies born with autism?
Is it a wonder why so many kids develop ADD?
Is it a wonder why we are so ill and obese?
A startling investigation in newborn babies born in the US in 2004 revealed that, of the 413 industrial and consumer product chemicals, these babies showed an average of 200 contaminants in their blood!
The analysis tested for pollutants including mercury, fire retardants, pesticides and a chemical used in the production pf Teflon, PFOA. In total, the babies`blood showed signs of 287 chemicals including 209 never before detected in umbilical chord blood.
The toxic substances are secretly hiding in what may seem harmless, like in the food we eat, the water we drink and even in the air we breathe, the carpet you walk on barefoot and your skin care products!
The toxicity that we are exposed to far exceeds anything in our history and recent statistics confirm that U.S Industries manufacture and import close to 75,000 chemicals. The current regulatory system does not require comprehensive testing of chemicals before they use them in consumable products.
The EPA (the agency that was created to protect human and environmental health) has issued regulations to control only nine of these 75,000 chemicals since the enactment of the Federal Toxic Substances Control Act in 1976.
Things are not better in Canada. Why are these chemicals even allowed in our consumables?
This means that there are tens of thousands of possible toxic chemicals entering our bodies WITHOUT US EVEN KNOWING IT, because the organizations and governments that have vowed to protect us are too busy turning a blind eye to this poisoning!
These statistics are mind boggling:
Each year, we unknowingly consume over 4.5 Billion Pounds of pesticides, 1 Billion of which are 'conventional' pesticides used in the agriculture industry and in our home and garden products!!!!!!
An average of 14 Pounds of toxic chemicals are being deposited in YOUR BODY every single year!!!
Every single day we are being exposed to a toxic chemicals in our food, our drinking water, our homes and places of work,our cars and in our kids' schools.
It is not complicated!
It should not be hard to undestand how exposing our bodies to a tidal wave of chemicals and poisonous pesticides cannot affect our lives.
Pesticides act like neurotoxins in the body. They may not necessarily do damage overnight but their cumulative effect is extremely dangerous. THEY BIO-ACCUMULATE IN YOUR BODY AND RESIST BREAKDOWN IN WATER. THEY TEND TO ACCUMULATE AND STORE FAT TISSUE WHERE THEY CAN REMAIN FOR LONG PERIODS OF TIME. As a result neurotoxins like pesticides, herbicides and fungicides have all been shown to cause disruptions to the neurological system and the brain.
A 2011 study published in the journal of Environmental Health Perspectives revealed that people exposed to two types of pesticides (paraquat and rotenone - mainly used in agriculture) were 2.5 times more likely to develop Parkinson's disease. Research on animals had already linked paraquat to Parkinson's.
Rotetone directly inhibits the function of the mitochondira, the sturcture responsible for making energy in the cells, meaning - cellular death. In the nervous system, this cellular death causes devastating effects.
Paraguat increases the production of oxyge derivatives which cause significant damade to important structurein the body's cells
BUT...........................WHO CARES? The corporations and governemtns only want to make money, even if it is at the cost of human lives!!
Imagine a swarm of termites eating away at the foundationof your home, along with a stealth like invader whose sole purpose was to disable the electrical and plumbing in your home. This is what is happening in our bodies right now!
Other research has shown that a high level exposure to these synthetic neurotoxins causes abnormalities in the liver function, skin and in the nervous system.
And it is not just the pesticides.........................................
FoodAdditives and Preservatives - like tartrazine, potassium benzoate, MSG, biphenyl, aspartame and hundreds of others - which can be found in all packaged foods, act like a morticians`s embalming fluid on your body! (We really are really the living dead)!!
These preservatives - used to ewnahance shelf life, colour and the flavour of man-made foods - have been well documented to cause ailments like asthma, hyperactivity and cancerous growths i animals and human beings.
Plastics are well known to leak estrogen-like chemicals (xenoestrogens) into foods and water, creating unsuspecting hormone imbalances in both men and women, including early onset puberty in girls, and more cysts and cancerous growths
Genetically Modified Foods (GMO`s) have been shown to disrupt the integrity of your DNA!
A new research out of France which studied the effects of Monsanto`s Genetically Modified Corn (the most common corn in the world) on rats over a two-year period created a huge frenzy after releasing shocking pictures of rats distorted by tennis ball-sized tumors after eating GMO corn!
Scared yet?
The purpose of this article is not to scare you but to inform you of the poisoning of our world by government sanctioned billion dollar corporations.
We have to take our lives into our own hands and do something about it.
We can lay blame and cry tears till the (grain fed) cows come home but until we take matters into our own hands and take responsibility for our own bodies, nothing is going to happen.
What have we done to our Beautiful Blue Planet?

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