Thursday, October 20, 2011


I have just got back from a two week vacation.

On returning, I realized some of my symptoms were stronger and I was a little worried that all my bragging about Natural remedies had caught up with me and the disease was finally taking over my life. My skin irritation, increased tingling in my feet, poor balance and gait, frequent headaches, emotional instability, restlessness and increased fatigue are some of the symptoms that have increased.

I was quite concerned. My first thought was that the travel, along with the food, air and water, and being exposed to increased levels of toxicity may be the reason for my feeling worse.

It has also been over two years since I took the food allergy test. It is recommended that I take this test regularly every two years because the environment changes, our bodies change and the body’s needs changes. I took the test the same week I left for New York and I just got then test results yesterday.

To my great disappointment a lot of things changed. I lost a lot of foods and got back a lot of foods I could not eat before. I was upset at losing some of the foods I have become accustomed to eating like peanuts (and therefore peanut butter), mushrooms, cumin,  some curry spices, white beans, red beans,  nectarines, corn, carrots and a few others.

I got back garlic, baker's yeast, green peppers, cauliflower, and a few others.

No wonder I have been felling worse and my symptoms are stronger. I have been eating foods I should not be and this was obviously causing my body harm and exacerbating my symptoms.

I have to say one thing that is really clear -there are a lot of people out there that are awfully unhappy with their current situation, or who are incredibly frustrated that the medications just aren't making them feel better.
For those that are suffering from MS, you would think with all the information out there, it would be a little easier to find something that actually could help get rid of your fatigue, pain,  numbness, and balance problems...and point you in the right direction.
But it just seems like most doctors just want to give you meds that don't make you feel better or that make you feel worse and send you on your way.

It's not really their fault. They are conditioned to prescribe drugs, which half the time, do not work and half the time have such severe side effects that we end up taking more drugs for the side effects. We then get stuck in the vicious cycle of symptom, drug, side effect, more drugs, more side effects, more drugs and round and round we go.

Isn’t it just typical of the medical profession to simply prescribe drugs instead of asking why a certain ailment or symptom is occurring?

A simple thing like the food allergy test is enough to set me on the right path towards healing and feeling better. The medical profession will never acknowledge this and continue to pan all foods (grains, greens, fruit and vegetables) for all, without specifying that each person’s needs are as different and individual as the person himself.

I am no doctor but I can attest that the food test saved my life and has enabled me to live with this terrible illness. People often question me as to how is it that despite the MS, I still lead an almost normal life. The food test determines the foods I can and cannot eat and I stick to that list. I also take the test every two years, religiously.

I have to re-invent my diet and eating habits and have started by eliminating all the foods that I should not eat. Miraculously, all the symptoms that had re-emerged have now calmed down. If I was seeing a neurologist, he would have probably increased the dosage of the prescription drugs or changed them when all that was required was to change what I eat.
Imagine what this can do for most illnesses in the world today!

That is my two cents on our eating habits and how we are misinformed by the medical profession and the food industry.

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