Friday, September 2, 2011


I had an appointment with Doctor Chang this week. My appointments are now approximately once a month as opposed to twice a month.

All my appointments begin with a scan that measures my inter-cellular water, muscle mass, body fat, weight, waist and hip measurement. The water count was up. (It was low the last time).

This week she also asked for an impromptu blood test. The results were great. The blood cells were perfectly formed, they were not clumped and there was not a sign of any bacteria in the blood.

She noticed that my gait was not as good and I complained that I was tiring sooner and my stamina and energy level were low.
She increased my B12 intake, I get an injection three times a week and it was still not enough. She has now given me a spray once a day. She also asked that I take some protein vitamin, MAP to increase my strength.
She asked about the other areas I have complained before and they are doing just fine. My tingling is under control, my mood is stable and calm, I have good appetite and good sleep and bowel movements. It is just my gait and fatigue. But she has given me stuff to help the body cope with this.

Thank God for Doctor Chang. Thank God for her probing ways to help determine why a certain ailment is prevailing or why a certain symptom is more dominant and then she recommends a course of action based on what I am experiencing.

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