Wednesday, September 15, 2010

I am back!!!

I have just returned from a two and a half week vacation to Calgary, Edmonton and Vancouver.
We flew into Calgary, rented a car and drove to Vancouver and then drove on to Edmonton.
I observed my walking getting worse almost on the onset. It is a good thing I had my wheelchair with me. I could not have enjoyed half the sites without it.

On returning,I was unwell and it is a good thing I had an appointment the following day.
Her deduction was quite accurate.
I sat for too long with not much activity and muscles tightened. Normally, when I am at home, I move around, do some exercise, clean, and go about my daily life, still within my limitations. But during the trip, I either sat in the plane, car or in the wheelchair. Being on the highway from Calgary to Vancouver and then from Vancouver to Edmonton might have been an excellent drive but to have breathed in those toxic fumes did numbers on my sytem. (I still say it was worth it!)

Secondly, we are quite unaware of the toxins in our environment. Having flown from Toronto to Calgary and then from Edmonton back to Toronto, I was exposed to the unclean recycled air in the airports and in the planes. The toxic residue of cleaning solvents and disinfectants did not help my condition either.

So here I am, back at home, where my air is constantly cleaned and my water is purified. There is no residue of toxins in the air (even those I cannot smell).

Traveling, for me, seems to get harder and harder. But that will not stop me. I will continue doing what I do and traveling to places we choose.
It is funny because I had a half a suitcase of clothes and one full bag of pills and another full suitcase of food. Thank God for grocery stores that carry gluten free and organic food or there would be another suitcase of that.

I did find an increased awareness of toxins in our environment and the negatative effects of gluten. The restaurants were great with foods to be prepared for people qith allergies and the fact that there was even a recognition of the effects of toxins is a step in the right direction.

I am back now in the safety of my home, my own bed and of course bathroom with all the familiar sights, sounds and smells. Yay!

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