Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Making the body work well..................l

After the various tests and prognosis, it was time for action.

My liver was found to be weak, my digestion poor and my organs needed support to function optimally. My doctor acted on each one of these.

I got a Reiki like massage and accupuncture for my liver to jump start it and make it work properly. I got accupuncture for digestion as well as for increased circulation in my feet to reduce the tingling. I was put on homeopathic drops to help the system rejuvinate and sustain the daily functions and help with further detox.

In this way, I(my body) was provided with the support it needed, rather than just be prescribed with drugs that were generic, that may work for some, may not work for others and most likely, had side effects.

Slowly and steadily, the body's functions got better and beter. One thing at a time, a step at a time made it possible for me to reach where I am today without the use of harmful drugs.

My doctor, every week asks me what my level of strength (from 1-10) is. I am also asked about my mental state - whether I am happy, sad, melancholic, in a state of panic or just calm. All these factors affect my body and anything negative in my body affects my symptoms.

It is no wonder I have not had a relapse or an MS attack in almost three years
(actually ever since I started seeing Doctor Nana Chang).

I am planning a trip to the West Coast, to fly to Calgary, rent a car and drive to Vancouver and then on the Edmonton. If i did not feel the way I do, I would never attempt such a trip.

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