Saturday, August 7, 2010

First things first....................................

The first thing that I recommend is a Food Allergy Test. This is to determine what foods are good for your body. You may think that you are not really allergic to any foods, but you are.
I take this test every two years. (Well I have only taken two and will take the third one soon). My first test had me off 35 foods. I noticed a change in my symptoms and in my mobility and general well being. My second test, brought back some foods I had lost and took some foods I was allowed.
I guess, since our environment is constantly changing and  the body constantly changes. Therefore, the body's needs constantly change. It is not complicated!

By keeping away from goods that are not good for your body you are already on the path of healing.

The second thing that is as important as the first is to remove all toxins from your environment and by that, I mean ALL TOXINS.
Look at the clothes you wear. Any man-made, artificial fibres should be removed and either donated or thrown away. Your wardrobe should consist of 100% silk, cotton, linen, wool or hemp.

Next, look at your beauty products. did you know that most of them contain aluminium and other toxins?
I know they are important. We all like to smell good, and look good and feel soft but you have to know that when these products come in contact with your skin, your body absorbs them.
I complained to my naturopath of dry skin once and showed her a lotion I thought was good.
She said "Would you eat it? If you would, you can apply it on your skin."
I like to smell good and need the aftershaves and cologne. I apply a small squirt to my clothing instead of on my skin. I use organic natural deodorant (I know there are some that do not work, this one does) and an organic natural body wash and soap and...........................olive oil on my hands and feet.

The next thing is to look at your environment. Look around you for sources of toxins. There are toxins in the air we breath, the water we drink and the food we eat.
I had a reverse-osmosis water filter installed in my house and will only drink that. Not tap water, not bottled water but reverse osmosis water. There are toxic chemicals in our tap water like chlorine and fluoride (yes I know of those who say that fluoride is good. I have chosen to think otherwise.)I installed an air De-ioniser in my family room and an air filter in my bedroom.

I clean my home with natural products like baking soda, salt and vinegar, changed my laundry detergent to an all natural one, and try as much as possible not to use harsh chemicals that we know are harmful to the environment so, how can they not be harmful to us? We inhale their toxic fumes, even if they do smell nice!

The next one is food. We know that most of our foods are toxic. All processed foods, fruit and vegetables that are not organic (again there are those that doubt and I have chosen to eat organic), gluten, sugar, foods with preservatives and msg, these are foods that need to be elminiated from one's life. Yes, that means no burgers, no French fries well actually, if they are with no chemicals and gluten free and if you make them yourself with the right oil and seasoned with nothing but sea salt, you can eat them. I do and I see the difference.

I will stop there for now as this gets a little overwhelming for anybody who wants to make a positive change for the better.

 Change one thing at a time but implement the changes soon. Remember, the more toxins in your life, the more you are at risk.

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