Friday, August 6, 2010


Well this is a tough call.
OHIP does not cover my treatments. Even with the success. Since the medical profession does not recognize these treatments, OHIP will not cover them. I cannot even have a lab  send a copy of my blood test to my Naturopath.They simply do not and will not recognize them.

This puts me in a tough spot as the treatments cost a lot of money.
I had an appointment on Tuesday, this week and I stocked up on supplements as I am travelling to the West Coast. I had a blood test done, a doctor consultation, an injection and supplements and my bill fame to almost $1500.00. I almost cried.
I am told that finances should not be an issue that my health comes first. But finances are an issue. We live in a world that is so greedy; the cost of living has gone up tremendously - gas, food, utilities, everything. On top of that,the government taxes us to death and puts us through extreme scrutiny when we apply for help.

I am surprised that there is no tax for farting. Everything else is taxed!!!!!

Finances are definitely an issue and I have no idea how to solve this very major issue.

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