Thursday, July 10, 2014

Don't Just Think Positive - Be Positive........Live Positive!

It has been ages since my last post and I truly apologize for this.
Here we are in September of 2014 and I have no idea where the time has gone; It seems to have simply flown by.
I was away in November of 2013, on a road trip to Boston, Tampa and New York. Somewhere in between there, I contracted chicken pox.
Yes, you read right............chicken pox!
It started by my feeling extremely unwell. I had difficulties walking, my MS symptoms were stronger, I was tired all the time and then, I started getting these strange bumps on my body.

One night, I could not sleep and decided to sit and meditate. I must have fallen asleep during the meditation and when I woke up, I just knew I had Chicken Pox.
I did some research straight away. I was right. I had Chicken Pox.......... at 49!

I has chickenpox

It hit me hard.
As it is, Chicken Pox is much harder on adults. It was even harder with my compromised immune system. There were times when I could not even stand or support my own weight. One night, my knees just buckled and down I went and no matter what I did, I could not get up. I crawled about 15  feet to the dining table to somehow try and prop myself up.

There were several such incidents and many times I could not even sit up unsupported. It was very scary.

So, of course, on my way home, I thought it best to stop at the local hospital.
They refused to admit me (well, they do not admit patients with chicken pox) or offer any help except  for prescribing an anti-viral, which should not have been prescribed to someone with a compromised immune system and definitely not prescribed once the chicken pox is full blown.

What do they know? They are just puppets of the Pharmaceutical Companies, and are trained to prescribe drugs without thinking and then fix the damage they cause by more prescriptions.
I really would like to give them the benefit of the doubt by saying that they are simply victims of their education. Poor Souls!
Now, almost ten months later, I am still trying to regain my strength. I tire easily and my right foot drags more often than not, especially, if I am stressed or if I have over exerted myself.
I forced myself to start a physical training program by trying to resume my weight training, yoga, meditation, exercise and trying to remain active.
Months of not being able to do anything took its toll and my body degenerated.

I have since, reclaimed my routine by starting my morning with yoga, exercise and meditation. I am actually able to do my yoga exercises on the floor once more .
I had been deceiving myself by forcing myself to have positive thoughts and visualizing healing. 
While that in itself is good, I was focusing on what ‘could be’ and in the process, on how icky I was feeling.
I was focused on the negative in my life while hoping for some positive change.
The Law of Attraction only brought me what I was focusing on - how awful I was feeling.
I was thinking of anti war and it only brought me war. Instead, I should have been thinking peace.
I have since changed my thinking and even though it is hard not to focus on the negative, it is simply a change in the mindset and a change in my thought pattern.
“I am all that I want to be, now” is how I need to be thinking and not "I am not well and would like to be well".
I now think of healing like it has already happened, even if it hasn't.
I meditate on affirmations that already make me what I want to be -  I am whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, kind, harmonious, healthy, wealthy and happy.
My whole outlook to life has slowly changed and I do not feel the weight of my being. It is almost like I have been freed.
I have also since, resumed work with the two Writing Groups I belong and I have joined the local Drama Group as well as the local Choir. I will post pictures of my performances in the near future.
It is not like I do not have stress, I DO!
I just try not to let them affect me, and if I need to I will meditate more often, do my breathing exercises every three hours, watch a funny movie or find something to distract me from what is upsetting me.
Try it. It really works. 
Like everything, it does require some effort and a change in the thought process, but, it works!

Every habit takes about three weeks to form. We form bad habits so very easily and good habits take time and effort to be embedded into our psyche. This, is no psycho-babble!




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