Monday, February 7, 2011

Latest Update.......... I Have Good News and Bad News

My last appointment with my Naturopath was a little disappointing.

While I continue to relentlessly maintain a gluten free, sugar free, dairy free, egg free and chemical free lifestyle, I have also recently added alkaline water. I already had a reverse osmosis water filter. The alkaline water was in addition to the reverse osmosis water.
It ended being another good news bad news scenario (It seems this is the story of my life).

Apparently all my supplements plus the alkaline water were giving me a much stronger dose of minerals than my body could handle and I suffered a severe dose of diarrhea for over four weeks. My already compromised immune system was weakened and I caught a cold. These were some of the bad news.

This led to my blood cells drying out and my latest blood analysis showed that there is a lot of clumping in my cells

I have since stopped all pill vitamins and everything seems to be quite normal. This, ironically is also good news.

Despite being off most of my pill supplements for over three weeks , I am feeling quite well. This was the best news.

My hands and feet get cold and that can only be because of the quality of my blood and therefore, poor circulation. This was another bad news.

I am now trying to improve my blood by sipping my water instead of drinking a lot at a time. Maximum intake of a half a glass every half an hour.
This gives the body and the blood cells a chance to absorb the water rather than have it just flow right through me.

In a week, I will introduce a fruit juice and/or Magnesium Citrimate to my water to encourage absorption.

The blood did show an elimintation of heavy metals. (This can only be as a result of the alkaline water). This was another good news.

I have another test in three weeks and I am hoping to turn this around. In the meantime, more water and more greens to help with elimination and hopefully the blood test will show some positive changes.

Here's hoping......................................

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