Thursday, November 25, 2010

The evolution of cannibalism

When I watched this video I had tears in my eyes.

What have we become in the name of progress? We really have reduced to nothing but a greed ridden murderous society that thrives on the suffering of others.

What hit me most was that the pharmaceutical industry has killed more people than the wars we have had.

We are just constantly mis-informed, mis-educated and misled down the garden path by these wolves in sheep's clothes, who are ready and willing to devour us.

In my book I have written that these people thrive on illness as it is the illnesses that make them money.
Why does nobody ever question this.
Why does nobody as where all the money that is raised in the name of 'finding a cure' goes?
The organizations that have these fund raisers prey on the victims of disease and their families.
Despite my illness, I never contribute to any of these fund raisers. I used to in the past but I now question everything.

It is quite sad how cannibalism has evolved. Wouldn't it be better to be killed and be eaten in an instant than to die this slow death that the pharmaceutical industry imposes on us.

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