Thursday, August 12, 2010

Tests, tests and more tests.........................these actually helped).

After the Food Test, I took other tests to determine what deficiencies my body had. Hair follicle tests, urine tests, and most importantly, a heavy metal test.

The tests to show what my body lacked helped in replenishing the vitamins that my body needs. Not all bodies are same. The multi-vitamins may be good but my body may need more of a certain vitamin than yours and to take something that everybody takes is assuming that all our bodies are the same. The fact is that they are not.

That is the same with the Food Allergy Test with Immuno Labs. This test showed foods that caused a negative reaction in my body and because I had been consuming these foods for so long, (some for my entire life) my body had built a kind of immunity to them. Once the food test determined what foods were not good for me, I stopped those foods for 6-9 weeks and then introduced them one by one to monitor my body’s reactions.
The results were shocking. As soon as I introduced one of the'no no' foods, all my symptoms came back ten-fold. In this way, I determined what foods to eat and what foods not to eat because my body reacted negatively with all the foods I was not supposed to eat.

The heavy metal toxicity test showed some startling results. The lab assistant could not believe my results. I had the highest levels of cadmium, mercury and aluminum he had ever seen and conducted the test three times because he thought his equipment was faulty. And the medical profession will still not acknowledge that toxicity is the cause of most illness. (Oh well, they connected it to early puberty in teenage girls!!!!!).

In this way, tests to determine what my body needs and does not need were conducted. I introduced all the supplements that I needed (so many pills) and took the foods I was not allowed out of my diet. Yes it was difficult at first but I began experimenting with foods and inventing recipes and substituting and started to have a lot of fun. At community events or social events, I started carrying my own food and if I went out, I spoke with chefs to ensure that nothing that was not supposed to go into my body went in.
When you hear on the radio or on the news on TV that you should have so many helpings of fruit and vegetables daily, they do not tell you that not all fruit and all vegetables are good for you in particular. They may be good but if your body cannot tolerate them, then they are not good. This realization alone will help cure half the ailments we suffer from.

As far as the heavy metals were concerned, I started 'chelation'. Chelation was introduced in the War times to rid soldiers of poison gas. Today our whole environment is poison. There are various ways of chelating. I took an intravenous method for a while and have also taken a pill that helps in the elimination of heavy metals. There is good news and bad news in that (hence, the title of my book). The good news is that the toxins are eliminated from my body and the bad news is that while they were being eliminated, they made me very very sick because they were being dislodged.But it still needed ot be done and it is still done (is small doses so as not to make me sick).

A Candida cleanse followed, along with organ cleanses (you can get them at any drug store). These helped tremendously. They help remove the build up of toxins over years of contamination.There are several websites allocated to cleanses. There is so much information that I cannot put it here. Please do a search and read about them. All I can say is that they are great for you.

I even bought Detox Patches that I wore every night on the soles of my feet. they turned black and smelled like wet cigarette butts the next morning. Even if you think you live a toxin free life, you do not. There are toxins in the air we breath, the water we drink, the food we eat, the clothes we wear, the lotions and beauty products we apply and on and on and on it goes.

All this, while also eliminating stress by creating an environment of calm and tranquility, to lead to mental, physical(even spiritual) stability, which in turn will lead to better physical health. This really is one of the most important steps toward healing.

I have just received an article from a well-wisher in Calgary, which I am going to post on the blog. It details what I have just written.

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